Robert C. Fennell

Rob Fennell is Academic Dean and Associate Professor of Historical and Systematic Theology at Atlantic School of Theology in Halifax, Nova Scotia. He gets preoccupied with subjects like pilgrimage, Biblical interpretation, thriving local congregations, Christology, the Trinity, C.S. Lewis, D. Bonhoeffer, action movies, canoeing, and chopping wood. He is chair of the editorial board of Touchstone, a Canadian theological journal, and is also an ordained minister in The United Church of Canada. Rob’s most recent publication is The Rule of Faith and Biblical Interpretation: Reform, Resistance, and Renewal (Cascade, 2017). He has a love/hate relationship with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, blogging, and carbs. Find him online at

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The most uncomfortable thing I ever say among professional colleagues is that when I was a child I was taught that we are all racist. In 1970s Western Canada, where I grew up, racism was real but often obscured by polite indifference and feigned ignorance. Yet our public school system ...

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