Steve Delamarter

Steve Delamarter, Professor of Old Testament, Portland Seminary, lives in Portland, Oregon with his wife Beth Habecker, a neuroscientist with a research lab at Oregon Health and Science University. Steve loves the Mel Brown Hammond B3 Organ group which plays at the local jazz venue, Jack London Revue, on Thursday nights. He plays bass in a rock band and pulled out his trumpet a few months ago—after thirty years inactivity. His research focuses on the manuscripts of the Ethiopian Orthodox tradition. He runs three projects: 1) The Ethiopic Manuscript Imaging Project (to locate and digitize and create metadata for manuscripts); 2) The Textual History of the Ethiopic Old Testament Project (to sort out the textual history of each book); and 3) The Social Lives of the Ethiopian Psalter (to employ the methods of quantitative codicology to reconstruct the various niches and activity of human life that left their marks on Psalters). He has written and co-written more than seven books on these subjects.

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