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Theological school deans hold a unique and challenging position in the field of higher education. The work of the administrative scholar who leads from the center is incredibly complex. Few who have not held the position can appreciate fully the scope of that complexity. The press of the myriad of immediate demands leaves little room for the critical reflection that is crucial to thriving in the work.

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The ocean – dynamic, powerful and vast – the dean must be willing to be there; walking with and leading others into the movements of change. The dunes - stable, protective and slow – the dean must be a stable and sustaining presence, standing strong with others in the midst of storms. Or ...

The image of the beach environment displays its givens: sand, sea, sky, dunes, plants, even the unseen particles in the air. The image of the boardwalk and “private property” sign shows a (passable) boundary onto which one can walk to the beach. It provides narrow, bounded access to a more ...

It sighed again the shark. Spitting out yet more fun gleeful humans thrilled at its unreal teeth.

The cactus can be a metaphor for our institutions; institutions whose pasts may seem dead, yet there may still be new growth emerging. The cactus grows around its historical center. The flowers are new life, distinct from and arising out of the present – in all its steadfastness, stability, and prickliness. ...

I was not happy to see the headlights of an approaching dune buggy – its presence would ruin the unspoiled beauty of the beach. Yet when the dune buggy (labeled the “Turtle Patrol”) got close, I realized that the very friendly driver was actually removing a lot of plastic and other ...

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