Praxis: The Responsive and Expanding Classroom

Welcome to the Wabash Center's blog series: Praxis: The Responsive and Expanding Classroom

Blog/vlog writers will address such questions as:

  • How does one pivot from teaching in a face-to-face classroom to teaching in a fully online classroom environment?
  • What issues arise in online classrooms during periods of national and global crisis and how might teachers handle them?
  • What has been learned about my students through teaching during crisis and how has this helped me to better meet their learning needs?
  • What are important considerations when designing courses and teaching in relation to questions of teaching during periods of crisis?

Instructions for blog writers and vlog makers: 

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Recent Posts

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Planning for fall teaching frightens me much more than the spring switch to online teaching did. Going online in the spring was a mad, last-minute scramble, and it felt like an adventure. My students and I had already bonded so I had goodwill built up and I used it shamelessly. ...

A traumatic event is one that is sudden and unexpected. Is Covid-19 a traumatic event? Jonathan Porteus, Ph.D., a licensed clinical psychologist who oversees a crisis and suicide hotline in Sacramento, CA., points out high levels of emotional distress from the Covid-19 crisis, and recommends attending to this mental ...

Hi friends. As I and others have reflected on in recent posts, our students have been experiencing not simply the typical challenges of online education, under the best of conditions: difficulty with time management, lack of motivation, glitchy or unavailable or prohibitively expensive technology; they’re also experiencing a lack ...

The day before we were told to go online, rumors that we would transition were flying think and fast. It was a Tuesday. I was supposed to head to Vanderbilt that evening to give a talk on Wednesday, but the night before, it had been canceled. Given this, I suspected ...

As the Covid-19 pandemic unfolded, I was wrestling with how to teach a rather unpopular class on “just war theory.” For so many of my students, who have lived through unending conflicts, the reasons to go into battle are unclear. A good number of them reject the distinction between justifiable ...

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