Praxis: The Responsive & Expanding Classroom

Welcome to the Wabash Center's blog series:

Praxis: The Responsive & Expanding Classroom

Blog/vlog writers will address such questions as:

  • How does one pivot from teaching in a face-to-face classroom to teaching in a fully online classroom environment?
  • What issues arise in online classrooms during periods of national and global crisis and how might teachers handle them?
  • What has been learned about my students through teaching during crisis and how has this helped me to better meet their learning needs?
  • What are important considerations when designing courses and teaching in relation to questions of teaching during periods of crisis?

Instructions for blog writers and vlog makers: 

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When the pandemic hit, everything changed overnight. We were in a state of crisis. Crisis has a way of exposing our frailty. Our vulnerability rises to the surface without our permission. Lack of control, uncertainty about the future, and anxiety about the unknown work together like a torrent, forcing us ...

The following axiom is often met with solemn nods, sad sighs, and knowing looks of empathy and understanding: “Church hurt is the worst hurt.” At every seminary, there are students with deep wounds from the emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual abuse they experienced in congregational contexts. Seminary communities understand that ...

In the last several years, I have been pondering the purpose of our work as theological educators. This seems especially pertinent because many mainline churches which both send and receive our students are dying, theological education institutions have found it difficult to attract new students, most of these institutions are ...

I have always thought that a course on spirituality should take place in a supportive environment, and it is best done in person. But something happened that changed my mind. Last fall, I attended a webinar organized by Kosen Gregory Snyder at Union Theological Seminary. The webinar invited a Native ...

Those of you with kids, or those of you who have simply been spending way too much time on your Netflix account since the pandemic began (no judgement!), may have heard of the movie called Yes Day, released in 2021 and starring Jennifer Garner. The premise of this film, based upon ...

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