Teaching with Digital Media

Welcome to the Wabash Center's blog series:

Teaching With Digital Media

This blog series focuses on teaching religious studies and theology with digital media. Blog/vlog writers address such questions as: 

  • What I have learned about teaching as I have taught with digital media?
  • What I have learned about learning as I have taught with digital media?
  • What are important considerations to remember when designing courses that involve digital media?
  • How are faculty able to engage in questions of student formation through digital media? 
  • What fosters or impedes the development of learning communities through the use of digital media?
  • What discoveries have you made as a teacher about student learning through the use of digital media?
  • What student learning difficulties have you discerned in the use of digital media and how have you addressed them?

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Discussion forums in online classrooms are unfortunately named. The name evokes just talking about stuff. This can be a good use of the discussion forum; dialogue is an important part of higher education. The opportunity to test and develop ideas in conversation with trusted colleagues, both classmates and professors—yes, ...

When we engage our teaching world online, let me encourage you to start where you are.  It is not about the tech, gear and gadgets.  It is about vision, imagination and design. In this vlog I show you my setup, my online classroom and how I think about this space. ...

When we first move into online classroom spaces, we often miss the dynamic energy of gathered bodies in a familiar location. We lose the immediate gratification of watching in real time as new knowledge “clicks” for students in discussions and class activities. Online classrooms may initially feel sterile, artificial, and ...

In the first blog of this series (readers are encouraged to read this introductory blog, “Nobody Goes to the Cinema to Read the Screenplay,” HERE), I noted that I’ve tried to boost my multimedia literacy by becoming a student of the cinema and seeking convergences between filmmaking and homiletics. ...

Amy Oden offers this Christian mindfulness practice for faculty and students who may need to pause occasionally during this time of disruption and anxiety in order to be more fully present. The practice draws on attentive breathing and embodiment from traditions of Christian spiritual practice. In this audio file, Oden ...

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