Teaching with Digital Media

Welcome to the Wabash Center's blog series:

Teaching With Digital Media

This blog series focuses on teaching religious studies and theology with digital media. Blog/vlog writers address such questions as: 

  • What I have learned about teaching as I have taught with digital media?
  • What I have learned about learning as I have taught with digital media?
  • What are important considerations to remember when designing courses that involve digital media?
  • How are faculty able to engage in questions of student formation through digital media? 
  • What fosters or impedes the development of learning communities through the use of digital media?
  • What discoveries have you made as a teacher about student learning through the use of digital media?
  • What student learning difficulties have you discerned in the use of digital media and how have you addressed them?

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Recently, I worked with a colleague to conduct student surveys with currently enrolled students and alumni from the first decade of our distance MDiv program. We asked students what they would like our faculty to know about their teaching strategies for the online portions of classes. About two-thirds of respondents ...

Some things are best expressed digitally. When the Wabash Center's "Teaching with Digital Media" Workshop challenged my preoccupation with using text to explain visual concepts, I decided to create a video rather than typing a "Dos and Don'ts" list for students in preaching courses. With the help of two savvy ...

Recently I was working with my IT colleague, Dr. Justin Barber, on a project to use machine learning to gather data about student experience in our hybrid classes from our LMS (Learning Management System). Big data comes to theological education! Our curriculum committee was testing a common perception that our ...

I have often assumed that students have more facility with technology than I do. Unfortunately, this assumption has been wrong and student learning has paid the price. So now, when there is likely to be a steep learning curve for some students relative to equipment (like recording on the iPhone) ...

Do you strategize ahead of time the way I do for the airplane/drinks reception/parent meeting question: “So, what do you do?” I teach theology and Church history. Experience has taught me that telling a stranger I teach either subject is a conversation killer. I usually stick with “history ...

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