Teaching with Digital Media

Welcome to the Wabash Center's blog series:

Teaching With Digital Media

This blog series focuses on teaching religious studies and theology with digital media. Blog/vlog writers address such questions as: 

  • What I have learned about teaching as I have taught with digital media?
  • What I have learned about learning as I have taught with digital media?
  • What are important considerations to remember when designing courses that involve digital media?
  • How are faculty able to engage in questions of student formation through digital media? 
  • What fosters or impedes the development of learning communities through the use of digital media?
  • What discoveries have you made as a teacher about student learning through the use of digital media?
  • What student learning difficulties have you discerned in the use of digital media and how have you addressed them?

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In 2015 my wife, Dr. Vanessa Watkins, took a trip with National Geographic to Cuba led by one of their photographers. One of the things I love about National Geographic trips is that the tour leader lectures in the hotel prior to going out to engage the culture. This leader lectured, ...

When I met with our first-year students during on-campus orientation five weeks into their program, a student complained to me about an assignment in my online class. I didn’t recognize what the student was describing, and after a few minutes I realized that it wasn’t from our class ...

Teaching theology in the seminary is challenging. Many students, burning with zeal to do the “real work” of ordained ministry, pastoral care, often cannot immediately perceive theology’s role in that endeavor. Its utility for building community, performing diaconal service, celebrating liturgies, or providing spiritual formation is often not as ...

I learned something this holiday season—my first holiday season as a grandfather.  My family traveled from Atlanta, Georgia to Orlando, Florida to surprise my mother, Mrs. Earlene Watkins, on her 80th birthday. The surprise is summed up in this moment. Mrs. Earlene Watkins, My Mother My mother didn’t ...

Introduction to the Series The cinema has become an important means of cultural communication, a contemporary language in need of understanding and explication . . . Some even believe that cinema studies is positioned to become the new MBA, a means of general preparation for careers in fields as diverse as law and ...

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