Stories from the Front

Wabash Center Blog: Stories from the Front (of the Classroom)

This blog series features timely posts from invited authors through the course of a semester or academic year.

Look for a new series starting here in September 2017.

In the meantime, you can engage dozens of posts from the following authors

  • Nancy Lynne Westfield (Drew Theological School)
  • Claudio Carvalhaes (McCormick Theological Seminary)
  • Tat-Siong Benny Liew (College of the Holy Cross)
  • Molly Bassett (Georgia State University)
  • Derek Nelson (Wabash College)
  • Kate Blanchard (Alma College )
  • Eric D. Barreto (Princeton Seminary)
  • Roger S. Nam (Portland Seminary, George Fox University)

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I will always remember my first time in the front of a class back in 2006. It was a small classroom, seminar style. The magical allure of Advanced Hebrew Grammar brought on an onslaught of seven registered students! At the time, I had as much formal training in higher education pedagogy ...

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